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Fizik Arione Versus
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The Fizik Arione Versus saddle is part of the new Versus saddle range from Fizik which incorporate a pressure relief area on some of Fizik's most popular Spine Concept saddles. The Arione Versus uses the same nylon carbon reinforced shell and titanium rail of the worldwide bestselling Fizik Arione saddles giving it the same lightness and strength, but with an ergonomic channel groove to relieve pressure on sensitive areas.
Price: $139.95

The ergonomic groove in the Versus saddles has been found to be more durable than popular 'cut out designs' as it does not flex of sag in the way that other saddles do. Also, generally with cut out saddles you will find that your weight is focused on the two edges, making it more uncomfortable than the channel groove design, which distributes your weight much more evenly across the whole bike sadde, and uses the same amount of material as a solid surface one.

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