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Mavic Cosmic Pro Shoe
med_Mavic_logo.gif 98 x 68
Inspired by the Cosmic Ultimate shoes worn by our pro Mavic riders, the Cosmic Pro proves that a powerful climbing shoe doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. This shoe balances incredible performance and pedal efficiency with comfort-boosting details that keep your feet happy on the longest rides. It starts with a great fit: our Endofit™ tongue hugs the foot, giving you what we call The Glove Effect with a roomier toe box than the standard Mavic fit. It also means the tongue can’t move around in the shoe, so it won’t slide sideways during climbs. The Dual Ergo Dial QR system is adjustable in 1mm increments so you can find the perfect fit for your foot, while a laser-cut ventilated upper regulates foot temperature. The ultra-stiff energy carbon outsole drives all your power into the pedals, and the lateral and medial TPU frame keeps your foot hold secure in all positions, further boosting your efficiency.
Sizing: 8-11 Mens
Price: $349.95

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