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Sugoi Versa Jacket
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Enjoy the infamous tick of that freehub body as you head out to get in your early morning bike ride. Sugoiís Versa Menís Jacket will give you plenty of protection for the crisp cold air while you navigate through uncrowded urban streets. As the sun comes up so will the body temperature, thus making the removable sleeves of the Versa come in handy for maintaining the ideal core temperature on the bike.

They constructed the new Versa Jacket out of their own exclusive Argon material, thatís comprised mostly of woven ripstop fabric to create a comforting barrier thatís between you and mother natures unpredictable elements. They also made it wind and rain-resistant, along with plenty of breathe ability so youíre nice and warm but yet dry as well. With all the key functions for this setup will allow it to work sweet for several outdoor activities beyond just cycling, like XC skiing, or running as well.

Sugoi not only worked hard developing the fabric for the Menís Versa, but designed very handy removable sleeves that are attached magnetically to the main body of garment, making it simple and easy to adapt it for whatever activity youíre using it for. When you get warmed up on the ride and donít need the sleeves any more, they slip off easily to then stash them easily within one back jersey pocket or in one of the two options the garment has for front zipper pockets.

Some other details that were enacted, is comfy soft micro-fleece that lines the neck band to keep things warmer, along with adjustable cuffs can be fit over a pair of gloves and then cinched down to keep extra heat in, or open them up to let heat out because Versa is the name of the game. There is also a set of two shock-cords, that are located inside the pocket, too cinch things up around you to keep more core heat in. They have also applied graphics that are reflective on the entire setup to give you plenty of visibility protection in the winter when daylight comes at a premium.
Price: $139.95
Sale Price: $89.95

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