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_XLAB Mini Black Black
med_xlab_logo.gif 98 x 68
Compact bag to fit your repair essentials.

Swap from your road bike to your race bike in no time!

Tuck in the aero compartment of a Super Wing or Carbon Wing

Fits neatly at the back of a Turbo Wing

Store a tube, tire levers, inflator, patch kit & 2 CO2 cartridges
Sizing: Carry tube, levers, CO2s and inflator
Price: $24.95

Finally you can carry all your small parts on your XLAB Wing. Bag can carry 2 Air Strike CO2 Cartridges, Nanoflator, pair of tire levers, patch kit, and tri tool kit. Could alternatively hold cell phone, cash, keys, etc., or tube, levers, and CO2 cylinders.

Fits down inside Carbon Wing and Super Wing

Attaches with X-Straps to rear of Carbon Sonic, Sonic Wing, Turbo Wing, and Mini Wing System

Extended front Strap can fit around Aero seat posts

Typical Contents

Spare Tube

2 Tire Levers

2 Air Strike CO2 Cartridges

1 Nanoflator

1 Patch Kit

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