ListImage_1506.jpg 245 x 150
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_XLAB Mezzo Cage Pod
med_xlab_logo.gif 98 x 68
Easy access to your repair kit with a quick twist

Soft bag eliminates rattling for an enjoyable noise-free ride

Large size to fit everything you need to get your tire fixed

Waterproof because dry repair kits are much better than wet ones

When empty fits just as secure, unlike an empty repair bag
Sizing: Convenient, quiet storage in a cage.
Price: $14.95

Microfleece Bag

Protects contents and reduces rattle noise.


Keeps contents clean and dry.

Versatile Mounting

Fits all XLAB cages.

Multi-storage Carrier

Fits tubular tire and pit stop or tube, levers, CO2 inflator and multi-tool.

Anti-launch Design

Matches XLAB cage groove to prevent launching.


Extra wide screw cap.

Durable high density poly propelene material.

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