ListImage_1477.jpg 245 x 150
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med_mavic_logo.gif 98 x 68
Superior braking performance and reliability

TgMax: enhances braking modulation and shortens stopping distance

Rim cooling system: rapidly dissipated heat makes the rim reliable and strong

Sizing: 700C Clincher. Heat dissipation has never been a problem for our TgMax rims which have proven to provide the most reliable braking performance making it the safest and most reliable carbon clincher technology on the market. At 460g, it is also amongst the lightest aero clincher rims enabling a very dynamic ride. Available with Black, White and now also Chrome graphics. Weight : 1545 grams (Pair without tyre)
Price: $2,499.95
Sale Price: $1,899.95

Fore drilling: stronger and more reliable rim

The perfect blend of lightweight and aerodynamics

40 mm wind tunnel optimized rim profile

gramsExtralight carbon rims fitted with 190 gram Yksion Pro clincher tyres

Stiff and easy to maintain in a streamlined package

Fore drilling

QRM+ hubs

Delivered with carbon brake pads


Tyre 700x23: 190 grams

Pair without tyre: 1545 grams

Front without tyre: 670 grams

Rear without tyre: 875

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