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Bamboo Wipes
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If you have ever fixed a flat on the side of the road or done repairs in your home workshop, you know how dirty you can get. White Lightning Bamboo Cycles wipes are the quick and easy solution for cleaning your hands and are durable enough to clean your bike.

Made from Bamboo, White Lightning Cycle Wipes are tough, durable, and tear resistant. They have a waffled texture that absorbs more grease and grime than ordinary wipes and are treated with a solution that is strong enough to clean a bicycle chain, yet safe enough to clean a cyclist.s hands.

Use cycle wipes after a roadside repair so you can keep riding without turning your bar tape black. You can even use one Cycle Wipe to clean your entire bicycle including the frame, drivetrain, bars, stem, and saddle!

Not only are Bamboo Cycle Wipes convenient and extremely effective, because they are made from Bamboo, they are the eco conscious choice. They are made from Bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource, and are biodegradable.
Sizing: six pack box
Price: $9.95

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