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Trico Sports Iron Case **RENTAL**
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Year after year, the Trico Ironcase is one of our bestselling hard shell travel cases. It is a simple design void of anything complex that can break or get damaged when traveling. It will fit virtually any size and type bicycle and is incredibly durable. Its price makes it currently one of the best values in a hard case as well.

There is no getting around the size of the Ironcase or the fact that a good bit of disassembly/minor mechanical expertise is required. Complete packing may require a few tools and about 20 minutes to a half hour. Beyond that, the Ironcase is just that: an iron case. It is almost guaranteed to protect your bike from the perils of traveling and getting handled in airports and by airline personnel and TSA inspectors. Used and approved by too many athletes to list.
Sizing: 47"L (X )30.5"H (X) 10.5"W

Price is $45 per week. 7 day period. Each additional day is $10 per day. Minimum Rental is $45.
Price: $45.00


Fully lockable

Includes packing foam

Will fit up to 66cm complete bikes

2 casters and pull tab

31lbs total case weight

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